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The Art of Jewelry Stacking

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The Art of Jewelry Stacking

Stacked jewelry looks are the ultimate way of expressing your unique story and style. So long are the days of less is more, presenting the freedom to take otherwise unused pieces in your jewelry box and combine them with staple pieces creating something new and authentically your own. However, with limitless options, striking the perfect balance of polished and effortless can prove tricky. Thankfully, like any fine art, when it comes to curating the ideal jewelry stack, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you're looking to perfect your everyday look, or add a little extra sparkle to your big night out, read on for tried and true tips for creating your ideal combination.


Stacked necklaces - Cat Janiga Jewelry

Whether worn over your favourite turtleneck in the winter or with a maxi dress in the sunshine, a curated necklace stack can add an understated elegance to your look year-round. The key to the perfect stack is layering pieces of varying lengths, allowing each to rest at least an inch away from one another to create an eye-catching effect, rid of clutter. Remember, when it comes to stacking, the sky's the limit. Allow yourself to play with different metals, lengths, and gemstones to strike a combination that tells your story—for example, our bold and striking Aura pendant pairs beautifully with the delicate, elongated Nebula necklace.


Layered jewelry adorning a model, featuring the Andromeda hoop by Cat Jangia Jewelry

A curated earring stack can transform your ears into sparkling constellations reminiscent of the night sky, whether you have few piercings or many. Consider experimenting with cascading techniques, placing statement earrings like our
Andromeda hoop down on your ear lobes while adorning your upper lobes and cartilage with our Cassiopeia huggie and Stardust studs. No two constellations look the same, so take joy in combining different shapes, textures, and gemstones to create a look that’s uniquely you.


Layer rings on hands - Cat Janiga Jewelry - holding flowers

Curating the perfect ring stack can be a puzzle, with personal collections varying in shapes, sizes, and metals. Though there are no concrete rules to what makes an elegant ring stack, a general rule of thumb (
pun intended) is to center your look around a few statement pieces such as our Aura ring, a family heirloom, or your wedding band, using daintier, thinner pieces like our Spellbound rings to create an elegant contrast of delicate and bold. When it's time to decide on finger placement, consider stacking your  statement rings on your middle and index fingers and smaller rings on your outer fingers, leaving a few fingers bare on each hand to create an effortless, asymmetrical look.


Layered women Cat Janiga jewelry on model, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklace

Whether you prefer bold bangles or light chains, there's a bracelet stack for everyone. For those who love to mix and match, try layering a mix of different styles centered around a focal piece like our
Afterglow cuff. To prevent your bracelets from tangling and moving out of place, put tighter pieces like watches and beaded bracelets towards your wrist, leaving bangles and tennis bracelets further up your arm. Or, if minimalism is more your style, opt for a classic look by stacking bangles of the same metal. Our Spellbound bangles are perfect for creating this look. 

When it comes to curating the perfect jewelry stack, there are no wrong answers. Mix and match, play with different finishes, and do what makes you simple. A good start is to layer your favorite piece and see how you feel.

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Woman wearing layers of jewelry - Cat Janiga Jewelry - Necklaces, earrings, and a bracelet

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