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Gold Trail Blazer Earrings
Gold Trail Blazer Earrings
Silver Trail Blazer Earrings

Trail Blazer Earrings

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Some think the Trail Blazer earrings were inspired by those who are trailblazers: "discovers something new and makes it acceptable or popular" (Merriam-Webster). 
No, these earrings are for Trail Blazers, the bad ass women who are so hot when they walk their path ignites. 

Available in 22K Gold or Rhodium dipped Silver. Handcrafted

Dimensions: 0.7" L x 0.2" W x 0.2" D

All pieces are handmade locally in our studio and may take 7-12 business days for completion. For rush orders please contact us at

**This item will ship after Dec 17th