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Ambassador Program FAQ

Q: What is the commission percentage I can earn on purchases?

A: You’ll earn 10% of the value of an eligible order made through your referral link.

Q: What does “eligible” order mean? 

A: If someone arrives at the Cat Janiga Jewelry website through your unique referral link and makes an order, then that purchase is eligible. Referral links look something like this: ‘’. 

Q: What can make an order ineligible?

A: Examples of ineligible orders would be: if a customer returned an order (within the return period), a customer files a credit card chargeback, an order is found to be fraudulent, a partner's self-referral, etc. 

Q: Where do I find my referral link?

A: When you sign into the ambassador portal, the ‘Home’ tab will have your referral link displayed. From here you can copy or start sharing it via social media buttons. 

Q: What’s the percentage discount of my coupon code?

A: Your unique coupon code provides a user with 15% off their order. 

Q: Do I receive a commission on jewelry I purchase through my code for myself. 

A: No. If an ambassador buys through their own referral link/coupon, they will not receive a commission for that sale. It is considered a self-referral.

Q: What’s the commission payout period?

A: Commission’s are usually paid 30-days after an order is delivered. This ensures any exchanges or returns are accounted for in your commission payout.

Q: I’m not interested in earning a commission, can I still share my coupon code with my followers?

A: Yes! Feel free to reward your friends and fans with your unique coupon code. Sharing is caring